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Filemail Pro

Our most advanced account. Receive files from others. Integrate and customize.

Filemail Pro is our most advanced account. The main differences compared to the PRO account are that it supports multiple users, you can receive files from anyone and finally you can make the files you send and receive to be available forever.

The typical Filemail Pro customer is a company (of any size and pretty much in any industry) that needs to both send and receive files from others. Also many choose the Pro plan due to the ability to customize and brand the solution to be a part of an existing business workflow (such as delivery/order systems).

Integrating Filemail into your own website is extremely easy! Our API and options to customize JS and CSS make it flexible and powerful.

No speed limits, no file limits

With the Pro account there are no restrictions on how large files you can send. There is also no limit to how long your files are stored - you can make them available forever. Such files will use permanent storage which is free up to 100 GB per user. When storing data above that limit we apply a flat rate of $ 0.10 per GB per month - and it is billed monthly.

As an alternative you can choose how long we should store your files (up to 30 days) - these won't use your permanent storage.

We’ll also make sure you get blazing fast transfer speeds. We have dedicated fileservers in all regions of the world that are reserved for Pro customers.

The transfer acceleration technology built into Filemail Desktop will increase transfer speeds up to 20 times when compared to using a web browser.

Keep track of transfers, people and downloads

Easily keep track (audit trails) of sent and received files. We’ll track which of your recipients have downloaded the files you sent - and we’ll also give you the approximate location where the files were downloaded.

We can notify you by email when files are downloaded and we’ll remind your recipients to download files in case they forget.

Additional password protection and HTTPS

Transfers sent with the Pro account can be password protected for additional security. This means that your recipients need to specify a password in order to download files.

We can add an extra layer of security to your password-protected files by enabling Two-Factor Authentication. Transfer passwords will be delivered via SMS. Just add recipients' phone numbers to the address book and you are good to go. You can also use this feature for files that you receive from others.

Also - all files are sent using HTTPS (TLS 1.3) when using the Pro account. This ensures that you can use Filemail to send sensitive data without risking it getting into the wrong hands.

Contacts and Groups

Having your own address book makes sending even easier.

Many customers choose to organize email addresses into groups and send files to the groups. The contacts are synced across all our Apps (Desktop, iOS, Android).

Email addresses can be easily imported from Outlook, Mail (macOS), Gmail and other providers.

Receive large files from others via your own upload page

The Filemail Pro account makes it very easy to receive files from others by providing you with your own URL ( where anyone can send you large files. Your page is fully brandable and you can also customize it further by adding your own fields (textbox, dropdownbox, combobox, radiobuttons etc.).

The custom fields are typically used when you would like to collect additional information every time someone sends you files - e.g. OrderNumber, Phone, Address etc.

Curious how it looks? Here are a few examples:

Integrate Filemail into your own website

The upload page described above can also be integrated into your own website as a whitelabel solution. We support all major platforms and CMS’es such as Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace and Episerver. All it takes to integrate Filemail is a few lines of HTML.

You can also integrate the download page on your own site. This means that when you send files to others - they are redirected to your website when they click the URL in their email. This makes the user experience very slick - the end user can't really tell that Filemail is involved at all, even though we do most of the heavy lifting.

A majority of existing Pro customers have integrated Filemail into their webpage. Typical examples of such companies are print shops, graphical designers, music studios, post production companies, newspapers, television studios and software support companies.

Branding and customization features

With a Filemail Pro account you can brand and customize almost anything. Start by uploading your own logo and background picture - and change the color scheme of buttons shown in emails and on the website.

Not satisfied? Then put on your coding glasses and make further adjustments to both upload and download pages by writing your own JS/CSS.

Automatically download received files

Filemail Desktop has the option to automatically download all received files to your computer/server. That way you don't need to do this yourself and wait for downloads to finish.

You can specify how the files should be organized (in folders etc.) in order to keep perfect track of everything.

File integrity is guaranteed by downloading files in chunks that have a hash signature.

This feature is often used by print shops, post production companies and others that receives big files on a daily basis.

Access to all our Apps and Addins
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    Filemail Desktop

    Send files and folders directly from your desktop or integrate it into your applications. Windows, Mac, Linux & Unix!

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    Filemail Outlook Addin

    Our addin lets you send large files directly from Outlook. It's fast, secure and very easy to use. Outlook 2013/2016 supported.

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    Filemail iPhone/iPad App

    Email large files and videos directly from your iPhone/iPad!
    No registration required!

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    Filemail Android App

    Email large files and videos directly from your Android device! No registration required!

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    Integrate Filemail on your website

    With our Pro account you can integrate our Uploader and also place the Download Page on your own site. Custom Fields can be added, and you can specify your own Javascript/CSS to completely branded/customize Filemail to to fit your needs.

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    Branding And Emails

    With our Pro account you can integrate our Uploader and also place the Download Page on your own site. Custom Fields can be added, and you can specify your own Javascript/CSS to completely branded/customize Filemail to to fit your needs.

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    Filemail API

    Are you a developer? Use our API to send large files!

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